MSpa Inflatable Hot Tub Reviews: A Good Alternative?

If you’ve been into the market for outdoor hot tubs you may have encountered the brand MSpa.

The company is one of the leading manufacturers of inflatable and portable hot tubs because of their constant hot tub innovation and numerous patented technologies.

In this inflatable hot tub review, we’re giving you an exclusive review on MSpa inflatable hot tubs that includes some of the leading products they have in their inventory.

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MSPA Super Camaro Relaxation and Hydrotherapy

Editor's Choice
MSPA Super Camaro
9.2/10 Our Score
  • High quality inflatable spa hot tub
  • Numerous comfort-centric technologies
  • Unique aesthetic design
  • Heats up water fast
  • More expensive than its rivals
  • Maintenance is more tedious

The MSPA Super Camaro Relaxation and Hydrotherapy is considered as one of the high-end massage spa units today.

The MSPA Super Relaxation and Hydrotherapy can accommodate up to six persons all at once. This round-shaped spa unit boasts its built-in control system and whisper-quiet technology.

Users may enjoy a comforting massage through its 138 adjustable jets that produce bubbles to support and surround the body while giving relaxing tough.

Aside from that, the MSPA Super Relaxation Inflatable Spa and Hydrotherapy also have a built-in heater, which makes it one of the most powerful massage spa or hot tub units so far.

Its Variable Speed Blower technology allows users to adjust the massage intensity between three levels. Moreover, MSPA Super Relaxation and Hydrotherapy has a heat preservation mat, touchscreen LCD—which lets you manage whatever goes on the tub—and a zipped on top cover with digital clock.

It is available in two colors: black premium and black with gray.

M-SPA M-009LS Lite Alpine Square Outdoor Spa

Budget Pick
MSPA Lite Alpine
8.7/10 Our Score
  • Made of high quality materials
  • Very comfortable air filled cushioning at the bottom
  • Easy to fill up and drain water
  • Unique control system
  • Seats fewer people than its competitors
  • Slow heating rate

The M-009LS Lite is one of the inflatable hot tubs that aren’t shaped like a circle.

As such, it has a very different seating position from what you are most likely used to. However, there is no question it gives off one of the most relaxing hot baths because of its numerous comfort-centric technologies.

This product is made of reinforced 6-layered PVC cover material with metallic liners that gives it a solid structural frame when inflated.

Four bathers can enjoy a nice warm dip in its water that is heated with a built in heater that doesn’t make any noise. Best of all, it has 108 bubble jets strategically placed to give your body a total bubble massage.

MSPA Elite Baikal 118 Air Jet

Premium Choice
MSPA Elite Baikal 118
8.6/10 Our Score
  • Produces very soft water
  • Water heater is as quiet as a whisper
  • Pressure from air jets is just right
  • Slightly high-priced for its category
  • Bulkier and not as easy to install

One of the products that deserve to be in any MSpa Hot Tub list is the Elite Baikal 118.

It’s got a nice circular shape with solid insulated walls that will make your hot tubing very comfortable. This spa has an impressive 118 air jets that you can control in 3 speed settings.

Moreover, it also has an ozone generator which ensures that the water in the tub is smooth and great for your skin.

Four people can enjoy a relaxing bath together and be treated in a session of makeshift physiotherapy. You can even manually control the flow and direction of the water through its chrome jet ports.

There is also an LCD touchscreen control panel where you can adjust the temperature of the water as well as other functions. Finally, it includes a spa cover to help keep the water warm when not in use, or keep children off the tub when you’re not looking.

MSPA M-011LS Lite Silver Cloud Outdoor Spa

Alternative Choice
MSPA Lite Silver Cloud
8.4/10 Our Score
  • Structural composition is very tough
  • Heats up water fast
  • Good at maintaining water temp
  • Pricier than other products in the category
  • Much more difficult to clean

Another M-SPA that beats most Intex models and fits 4 people.

When fully inflated, it can expand up to a massive 71-inches in diameter which gives it plenty of leg space to work with. While being huge, the inflatable tub is fairly light and weighs less than 60 pounds - perfect if you want to move it around your backyard from time to time.

Like the ones before it, the Lite Silver Cloud is also made of rhino-tech 6-layered PVC material and a metallic liner and has the most air jets - 118 to be exact - which can be controlled via its lite control panel.

Additionally, it also has the staple whisper quiet technology in its heater, which lets you enjoy your bathing experience better.


Judging from the other MSpa Hot Tub reviews we had in the past, I could at least say that the products in this list don't disappoint. As for the shipping, you can check the products on Amazon if they offer free shipping.

They are all innovative in their own way and offer unique value propositions which is hard to ignore even by the most picky buyers.

You should buy one for your home now and stop reading inflatable hot tubs.

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