Intex 85in PureSpa Portable Bubble Massage Spa Set Review 2019

Intex 85in PureSpa Portable Bubble Massage Spa Set Review

In Hollywood movies, a lot of scenes with wealthy characters involve them soaking in a lavish hot tub spa. While that may be far off from our realities, you can get the next best thing - an inflatable hot tub. Hurrah!

Quick Summary

  • Capacity: 6 Adults
  • Water Temp Range: 68-104°F (40°C) 
  • Water Capacity: 290gal
intex purespa 85in portable sparkle massage

Although it’s less expensive than what the bourgeoisie uses, you will still get that relaxing feeling as you submerge in the portable tub’s therapeutic warm waters.

If you are the type of person who enjoys the company of others while on the tub, then you will surely have to consider the Intex 85in PureSpa Portable Bubble Massage Spa Set. This inflatable hot tub can accommodate six people (except for when uncle Phil’s visiting, then we can only fit like 4) while looking every bit as luxurious.

Intex 85in PureSpa review

Technical Specifications

Massive Size

This portable hot tub from Intex is quite huge and has a diameter of 85-inches. Even at its maximum capacity, all six people sitting in the tub can fully extend their legs without touching those opposite them.

fun for the whole family or friends

Fun for the whole family...or the entire gang.

The tub can hold up to 290 gallons of water with an approximate depth of 28-inches, which is enough to cover your body from shoulders below when they are on a regular seating position.


While this inflatable hot tub requires a large space on your residence or property, the fact that it’s portable makes up for it. The unit can also be inflated with a touch of a button and can be dragged around thanks to its built-in handle. When you don’t want to use it over a period you can easily deflate it and store in a locker.

Built Tough

Like many of Intex’s inflatable massage spa sets, this product is made of three-ply, high-strength polyester fibers.

built with tough materials

Built using tough materials

This material is tougher than the conventional ones like vinyl which are used by other manufacturers. Intex’s Fiber-Tech Construction is also superior to the common inner-beat construction, as the latter don’t stretch over time.

As such, you can expect this product to have superior structural stability without having to sacrifice the comfortable surface of its interior.

You can definitely enjoy a refreshing spa experience without having to worry too much about the tub giving way.

made of durable materials

Fiber-Tech Construction

The unit also includes a durable insulated cover which can be locked and adds a layer of safety for your children, especially if they often wander around the hot tub without your permission.

Powerful Bubble Massage

The Intex 85in PureSpa Portable Bubble Massage Spa Set also produces a soothing bubble massage through its 140 bubble jet portals located all throughout the interior of the tub.

powerful fizz massage comfort

Powerful Bubble Massage relieves stress and soothes tired muscles

This feature makes it perfect to soak in the spa set, after a tiring day’s work - it will remove most of your aches and pains away.

While using the bubble massage feature, the temperature in the tub only drops a few notches. All thanks to its hardworking 1,300-Watt heater that warms the water at one degrees 1°F per hour. This allows you to still enjoy your preferred temperature all throughout your spa session.

Key to its satisfying bubble massage experience is the quality of its water. The tub comes with its own hard water treatment system which makes the water gentler both for your skin and clothes. It also has a system that creates suspended crystals from calcium and other minerals.  Moreover, the spa set also comes with its own control panel where you can manage every aspect of the tub.

Easy to set up and Maintain

The Intex inflatable hot tub is also easy to set up and requires only a handful of steps for it to be totally functional once it’s out of the box.

easy to setup and maintain

The package comes with its own inflation hose and the unit can fully inflate in just a few minutes. Completely filling it with water only takes less than an hour, while reaching its max temperature requires less than a day.

Maintenance is also quite easy as the unit also comes with its own floating chlorine dispenser and uses replaceable spa filter cartridge. Package also includes test strips so you can begin testing water quality right away.

Is This Product for You?

The Intex 85in PureSpa Portable Bubble Massage Spa Set is definitely an attention grabber because of its size and design. However, its size can also be its drawback as not many homes really need that large of a hot tub.

A larger tub also takes longer for its water to heat up because of its sheer volume so it requires more energy which translates to a few extra bucks in your electricity bill.

If you have a small family and doesn’t often receive visitors who want to use the hot tub, you may want to settle with a smaller massage spa set to save money. However, if you have some extra cash to spend, then you’ll definitely have to get this product.

Wrapping It Up

While this hefty Intex portable bubble massage spa set is priced a bit higher than some of its competitors, I feel it’s worth every dime if you’re a large, spa-loving, bubble-jet adoring, family.

You can experience a jet-powered bubble massage at a fraction of a cost of an installed luxury hot tub. And you also get to relive that Hollywood scene we talked about in the beginning.

Intex 85in PureSpa Portable Bubble Massage Spa Set Review 2019
In Hollywood movies, a lot of scenes with wealthy characters involve them soaking in a lavish hot tub spa. While that may be far off from our realities, yo
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